Special events take place regularly at St John’s – this one was for the whole parish.

Worship is fundamental to who we are: it is part of the air we breath. The songs we sing are contemporary, mixed with occasional hymns, led by a worship band, but style of songs is not what matters.

Worship is about connection with the depths of our own spirit, a pouring out of our hearts in gratitude to the Lord for His love, care and faithfulness.

We want you to feel totally welcome and at ease, to just sit and listen, or join in, whatever feels most comfortable and appropriate to you. And we really love having children of all ages in our services – there are toys at the back and comfortable chairs there if your child needs some personal space.

Once a month the service is more geared towards children from start to the end, but most Sundays, any children who would like to, are able to join a group for their own age, after the first song and prayers.

Meet our own “Artist in Residence”

John Horrell, Church Warden, for whom painting is an act of worship, talking about Pentecost.

Recent Art exhibition at St John’s.