Extra-ordinarily ordinary

What are your, ‘I remember where I was when…’ moments?

England winning the world cup, the moon landing, JFK’s assassination, the death of Princess Diana, 9/11?

Where were you when you heard of the Queen’s death? We tend to remember the small details that accompany these momentous events and so what associations will you have with hearing that news?

I had just cooked the children a very unhealthy meal – the culinary delight of cheesy pasta! When I heard the news – I wondered then if cheesy pasta might now always a hold a memory of that day and the death of the Queen.

I know that all sounds totally irrelevant – but it got me thinking about how the extra-ordinary moments of life do coincide and co-exist with the very ordinary.

Some significant moments in time can be anticipated – but more often than not – they interrupt the insignificant. The extra-ordinary suddenly arrives in the midst of the ordinary.

In Mark’s Gospel, Jesus begins his ministry by announcing that, “the time has come.”

Not the time of the day – but a moment in time. THE moment of all time. The moment of divine intervention. In Christ, God had come to the world.

An extraordinary moment – interrupting the ordinariness of life and calling ordinary people into an extraordinary adventure.

Jesus goes on to issue the invitation…Come follow me.

The Queen took up that invitation – and as we reflect on her life – we see vividly just what a difference following Jesus makes.

She made her faith plain for all to see. She would talk about Jesus unashamedly and passionately.

She described her faith in Jesus as her anchor and inspiration. She said that the teachings of Jesus were the bedrock of her life.

What anchors us? What inspires us? For the Queen – it was Jesus.

We have heard much – rightly so – about the constancy of the Queen. The constant in her life was her faith in Jesus.

As Tim Farron put it in the Houses of Parliament.. “The constant in her life was her faith in Jesus Christ….. a living, active faith in a living Saviour.”

He can be the constant for us too. He too can be our motivation and inspiration for a life well lived. The extra-ordinary love of God at work in the ordinariness of our lives.

How do you get to church on Sundays?

I imagine that most of our church members would come to church on Sundays by car and a few would walk or cycle. Those who come by car, especially for the 10.30 am service, must sometimes wonder if there will be sufficient parking space when they arrive, though the additional parking facilities at the nearby community hospital has helped to free up spaces.

Over the last year or so there has been much discussion about parking problems at our church, whether at DCC level, or informally amongst ourselves. At times it feels as if we spend more time talking about this ongoing issue than how God has been working in our lives!

If you live within ‘walking distance’ of church why not walk (or cycle) rather than taking the car to church ? I realise that this will not be an option for some due to age, disability, domestic reasons, having to take stuff to church, etc.

The recent Wellbeing course included a session on Physical wellbeing, part of it looking at exercise such as walking. Personally I have never been very sporty, but I have always enjoyed going for a long walk when the opportunity arises. According to the book accompanying this course (God’s plan for your Wellbeing – 50 day guide by Dave Smith), walking is good for our health and enhances our mental wellbeing. No doubt many of us can identify with waking up feeling low and jaded and feeling so much better after a walk, especially in green spaces. A brisk walk can also improve long term health including lung function and better blood flow.

Other benefits of walking include an opportunity to observe our surroundings, (for example noticing something as basic as the beauty of the weeds growing on paved areas), maybe meeting someone you know, an opportunity for prayer walking, saving petrol and parking fees and there will be one car less on the road and less pollution. Also, car sharing will help the environment. I appreciate that those of a younger generation may wish to use the time for looking at their smartphones or listening to music via headphones.

An interesting statistic – today there are 32.7 million cars in the UK which has a population of 68.6 million, roughly one car for every 2 people (of all ages). If commercial vehicles are included, the total is then 40.3 million.

Mike Lidstone

London City Mission

LCM shares the gospel alongside the local church of London, equipping everyday Christians to lovingly bring a message of hope in Christ to those least likely to hear it.

The missionaries in London need lots of prayer.

Emmanuel is working in Harrow where there is a large Hindu community. Pray for Emmanuel as he shares the Gospel with shopkeepers, workers at bus stops, older people walking dogs and anyone else he meets. Pray the Holy Spirit will give him words to say, questions to ask and stories to share.

Z is a missionary based in Kensington and Chelsea. In Z’s home church in Kensington, six Iranians were recently baptised and another group are being trained as Christian leaders. Thank God for the Church’s rich ministry with diaspora communities and pray for Z as she leads this work.

Charlie McDonald. Pray for Charlie as she begins partnering with churches and mobilising Christians in London to love their local schools. Praise God for the schools teams’ heart and vision for young people. Pray for them to be encouraged in God’s strength and that they would continue to develop the skills to mobilise churches. Pray for growing relationships with churches.

This is just a small part of the work LCM is doing in London.

Val Newman

Exciting Times Ahead


I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself to those I’ve not met and let you know about some of the exciting children’s work that is happening. My name is Susie Coopey and since December I have been employed, part time, as the Children’s and Families worker for St John’s Church. I’m really enjoying my role so far, which is wide and varied, including co-ordinating the children’s work on a Sunday morning – which is called SJKids, regularly leading collective worship at St John’s school and running Little Fishes parent and toddler group.

At Easter we transformed church to look like a Jungle, for our holiday club, which was great fun! What a fantastic team of leaders we had. They were gunged, splatted with pies in the face and ate weird food in a bush tucker trial – but still came back smiling!! You are all super stars!

In the Summer term a team of us spent a week in St John’s School running a prayer tent. We had a great week seeing every class in the school come and have fun around the interactive prayer stations, based on the Holy Spirit. We had really positive feedback from the teachers and children, so thank you so much to all those who volunteered to help. I couldn’t have done it without you.

When you are a parent of pre school children it can be very hard during the school holidays as nearly all clubs stop running and it can feel very lonely. So this Summer I decided to trial keeping Little Fishes open during the school holidays, but to also cater for any older siblings who would usually be at school. We called it Family Fishes. I’m happy to report that it was a big success! We saw 33 families on our busiest session It was so great to be able to offer this to our local community, to see church full of young families eating yummy cake and having fun together! A huge thank you to those volunteers who helped to make this happen.

You may have heard about our new clubs that have started recently called CONNECT and CONNECT 5:15. CONNECT runs in St John’s church and is for children in school years 1-4 and CONNECT 5:15 runs in Hope House for children in school years 5 & 6. It was such a fun afternoon welcoming lots of children into St John’s. They played games, decorated biscuits, dressed up, ate snacks and even heard about Jesus being the good shepherd.

Also coming up this term we are beginning our mentoring scheme in St John’s school. This is such an exciting opportunity, where we partner with a fantastic national organisation called TLG- Transforming Lives for Good, to deliver early intervention coaching to individual children who the school identify. I’d highly recommend you take a look at their website to learn more about the Early Intervention programme that we will be delivering- https://earlyintervention.tlg.org.uk/

I have received training from TLG to co-ordinate this programme and support the other coaches who have been trained and will help deliver this in school. You will hear more about who these coaches are in due course!

There are so many exciting things happening in the life of our church at the moment and many more in the pipeline – God is good and at work!

I want to say a massive THANK YOU to everyone who already helps in one of these areas. You are so valued and I really appreciate you. For those of you not already involved I would love you to consider volunteering. Currently we would love a couple of people to help at Little Fishes serving refreshments on a Monday morning. Also, it would be so helpful to have someone to help set chairs back in rows, after our CONNECT kids club. This could happen any time on Thursday after 5pm, so please do get in touch if you feel you could help in this way.

Have a fantastic Autumn Term and please pray for all God is doing through our kid’s ministry here at St John’s Church.

Bring on Christmas!!

Personal reflections on the Wellbeing course

Over this summer our church has been learning what wellbeing means, covering all aspects of life, including spiritual wellbeing.

I found the course particularly helpful, and learnt that the mind is the root of any change in our behaviour and that we can make each thought captive to Christ by allowing God to shine a light on our thoughts. God can help us to be secure in who we are.

We can also ask God to help us with our emotional wellbeing, remembering we are made in God’s image, although we are flawed. It is often helpful to share each others problems and to provide a listening ear.

On the matter of physical wellbeing, we should look after our bodies however old we are. No one is in perfect health, but we seek God’s grace remembering that Paul had a chronic health problem and God said to him, “My grace is sufficient for you.”

Regarding spiritual wellbeing, Jesus came to set the captives free – God can free us from having bad habits if we are willing to let Him. Nothing is too small for God to deal with. We are all part of God’s family and He is the person who can set us free.

We also learnt about healthy relationships – God is a relational person and longs to see us thrive. We can show love for each other by helping each other. However at times relationships can be stressful and it is especially at these times that we need to trust God and to seek suitable help for other people. There is some truth in the old adage, ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’, meaning that by sharing and praying we can get the necessary help.

Community faith (ie church family faith) is to be shared. It was a wonderful witness when Grace and Dan were recently baptised in the sea.

At the time of writing this, we can now look forward to learning about financial and vocational wellbeing.

So what has this series taught me? That I am not alone, God is with me all my life. He has highlighted some areas in my life that God needs to deal with and this will be an ongoing process as I learn to forgive people (fortunately no one in our church!) who have hurt me in the past, causing some bitterness and pain, and being reflected in my behaviour.

I look forward to growing together as a church family and inviting new people into our church; may they see our church as a welcoming one, as we all continue on our journey to know more about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Hilary Lidstone

Craft Afternoon

We had 9 at the first Craft afternoon in September, 8 ladies and a young man. We had a variation of skills including knitting, crochet, sewing, cross stitch and also a jacket being updated and repaired. We also had lots of chatter, and some were able to share their expertise. So various skills there!!

Next month we will meet again on Monday 3rd Oct at 1.15 for 1.30pm – 3.30pm. Please note the earlier time.

Feel free to come and go as you are able especially those who have school pick up. If you are coming to the Hope House prayer meeting at 12.30pm do feel free to stay on and bring your lunch. Tea and coffee are provided.

From Pauline and Nava

A big thanks from us all for all those involved in Mum’s Thanksgiving and for making it all so special and memorable!

Penny, Jo and Elizabeth

Parish Youth Ministry (Autumn 22) from Joe Hobday

Below is what’s happening in the Parish of Radipole and Melcombe Regis.

Tuesdays All Saints School Engagement
I will be taking weekly assemblies for each year group, this will be on a five week rotation. After assemblies there is scope to engage with students in the Hub (students who have been removed from standard lessons) and also connect with the wider student body during break times.

Tuesday Alpha After School Club in All Saints School.
From the second week of term, we will be running a Youth Alpha after school club 3.15-4.15.

Tuesdays 6-7.30pm @ Hope House. Youth Alpha Bible Study Group.
This is the continuation of the fantastic Youth Alpha group that was started in February 22. It is aimed at secondary age students. Every week a meal will be served before heading over to Hope House to explore what the Bible’s got to say about this complex thing we call LIFE. This term we will be discovering, ‘What does a disciple look like?’

Thursday Youth Clubs @ Hope House.
We will be offering two separate Youth Clubs @ Hope House. Connect 5.15 will be from 5.15- 6.30pm. This will be a youth club exclusively for children in school year 5 & 6. Hope House Youth Club will be the second club, which will run from 7- 8.30pm This club is for secondary age children.

Sunday Evening Youth Alpha.
Laura Lark and myself will be running a Youth Alpha every Sunday evening 5 – 6.30pm @ St Aldhelm’s Church Centre. This will have the same format as the Tuesday evening group. We will eat a meal together and then spend time exploring subject like; Who is Jesus?, Why did He die? and many others. Further info contact Laura Lark, Children and Families worker at St Aldhelm’s lauralark@radipole.church or me.

TLG Transforming Lives for Good https://www.tlg.org.uk/
TLG is a children’s mentoring programme. Susie Coopey, St John’s Children & Families worker is heading this ministry into St John’s Primary School. I will be part of the TLG team ministering to students.

Youth Worship Services.
There will be a monthly (from October) youth worship service Sunday evenings 5 -6.30pm. Venues will be published to parents of the Parish when we have venues booked.

Dates are: 2nd October 6th November 4th December

Dates for the diary, ministry into 2023.
During April and May 2023 I am hoping to work in all three secondary schools in Weymouth. I will be coordinating a local team outreaching into our schools for the whole month. I have booked the GSUS Live resource.

https://www.countiesuk.org/gsuslive. GSUS Live is an interactive lesson that’s offered to schools which fits into the National Curriculum for RE and Citizenship as it looks at the life of Jesus. The lesson also examines how we deal with certain topics. The three topics are; Fear, Forgiveness and Rejection. I will be looking for volunteers to assist in these lessons and hopefully we will have the opportunity to engage with year 7, 8 and 9 students in our town. GSUS Live will be a town wide collaboration with other churches.

Please do pray for all of the above.

Please also pray that Hope House would reach further into our community.

Please would you also consider becoming a volunteer and joining in the Hope House adventure. If you require further information or would like to have a chat about volunteering.

Please contact Joe Hobday at youth@ramr.church

PS. There’s one last thing. Please take a look at the Parish Youth Ministry Fund document. These are available at all the Parish churches. You can also request an emailed version from Trudy at the Parish office parishoffice@ramr.church

Tearfund Harvest 2022

St John’s Harvest and eco-focused service is on Sunday October 2nd 2022.

As in previous years, we will be supporting the work of Tearfund. This year Tearfund’s Harvest Appeal is supporting work in Nepal, where climate change has had a serious effect on people’s livelihoods, resulting in communities moving away.

Working with local partners, Tearfund trains farmers in new techniques to help them produce more crops to overcome the destruction caused by climate change. This includes setting up irrigation systems to make people less dependent on the rains. People are supported to farm sustainably, so they can protect the land for generations to come and rebuild the communities they are losing.

There will be an opportunity to give to work of Tearfund on Sunday October 2nd and support their Harvest Appeal.

To learn more about Tearfund’s Harvest Appeal use the link below:


Ruth Clinch

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