Ivor and I just wanted to write to thank you for such a friendly welcome. When we felt God lead us to join St John’s I approached Tom with a view of doing my placement here. However we had a few concerns; fellowshipping with different people, how the children would feel making the big changes, how worshipping God in an Anglican church would be so different, and in what way would that suit our family?

We can safely say God has been so incredibly faithful. What concerns or worries we may have had have all but dissipated. We have felt so welcomed and everyone has taken a time to come and talk with us and get to know us. The children have just adapted so well and we feel that to come to the Anglican way of life is like coming home. We are thoroughly enjoying getting to know you all.

We are so very excited by what God is doing here at St John’s and feel mighty privileged to be a part of this journey with you all. I am personally looking forward to settling down into the role here and getting back into my studies. Of course I’m not forgetting the fun that comes with fitting it all in with the chaos that is family life.

Lots of love and blessings

Thanks from David Moore

As I approached the anniversary of my hip replacement I was very grateful to feel fit and energetic. So it came as a shock when a routine blood test showed that I had an aggressive form of prostate cancer. The treatment and its potential side effects seemed daunting and I felt very unwell after the first treatment. However as time went by things got easier. By the time you read this I will have seen the consultant to see how effective the treatment has been.

However this article is not all about me. Firstly I would like thank everyone for their prayers and words of encouragement. Heartfelt thanks go to all those who drove me to Poole hospital for daily treatment – their fellowship and support was invaluable. Secondly I give God the glory for giving me the grace to cope with the difficult days and there were some of those too! We all face times of trouble and as I read 1 Peter: 5 v 7 I was thankful to have someone to turn to at my time of need.

“Cast all your cares upon the Lord, for He cares for you”.

Holiday at Home

Holiday at Home 2017 was a real treat thanks to Belinda and her team of helpers. So much careful preparation had been done and as a result the days ran really smoothly.

The highlights for me, apart from the delicious lunches, were the talk by Duncan Honeybourne about his experience of living with autism, and Nick Clarke’s Thought for the Day complete with cricket bat and pads!

Duncan teaches music and is involved in numerous concerts and recitals. It all seems easy as he is so gifted, but to hear him talk of his struggles over the years was really inspiring.

The morning activities were many and varied. I did a jigsaw one day, and played Scrabble with Frank Dallimore another. One group were knitting premature baby sized hats and bootees to go to the HUG A BABY project in Western Cape, South Africa where there is little provision for these tiny babies.

When I see the dates for 2018 I shall pencil them in my diary, maybe you would give it a try, it is well worth it.

The Aliens Have Returned

(Holiday at Home is a 3 day event held at St Aldhelm’s during August)

After the summer break our team (known as Aliens) returned to quizzing ways at the Park Church centre. John and Pam Yallop were away so the four of us (Michael and Linda Miles and Dave and Margaret Moore) fought valiantly through the questions until we fell away in the last round. We came third behind “Odds and Sods” and “Back Row”. Of course we are competitive but we take part to keep our minds active and to develop friendships with those who live in the Park district. The homemade sandwiches and cakes are a delicious bonus!

The next quiz takes place on Saturday October 21st and if you would like to stir your grey matter in a fun way then do speak to an alien.

Margaret Moore

Renewal of Baptism Vows

More than 2500 Ironman competitors plus supporters thronged Weymouth on 17th September. A much smaller number filled St John’s Church the same morning to worship God and to celebrate the Renewal of Baptism Vows by David Moore, Jed and Stuart.

To reach the sea for the Renewal, the flow of people from the church had to cross the seemingly unending two way stream of triathlon runners filling up the whole width of the Esplanade. It was a case of see a gap and run across as fast as you could. Eventually all were by the water’s edge to witness and support each of the men as they were immersed in the sea by Tom Coopey and Matt Flux.

The crowd of witnesses sang praises as they came out of the water to be swiftly wrapped up in towels or dressing gowns.

Ride + Stride… We did it!

Thunderstorms and lightning were forecast two days before 8 church members and Bella, the dog took part in Ride and Stride. Fortunately as we prepared to ride or stride the sun was shining.

Michael and I completed 16 miles and visited 12 churches on our bikes. David Moore joined with Anne and David Boyd for part of their cycle ride also visiting 12 churches. Val and Bella walked to 8 churches. Special mention must be made of Liz and Calum (with a broken arm) who walked 16 miles and went in 11 churches.

Quite by chance Val met up with us at St Francis, Littlemoor and also at St Mary’s.

Also by chance, Anne and the two Davids met up with us at St Nicholas, Broadwey and we continued our journey together until David Moore left us to referee a football match. Liz and Calum were hot on our heels at many churches where they noticed our names already on the sign-in sheet. During the day showers seemed to fall whenever we were inside but we all managed to have at least one soaking although thankfully no thunder or lightning occurred.

We all agreed it was a really splendid day. We had such friendly welcomes, enjoyed refreshments to refuel us and met other riders and striders who all had their own stories to tell.

A huge thank you to those who sponsored us. We will be sending £440.50 to Dorset Historic Churches Trust and St John’s will then receive half this money. Thank you also to Wessex Bible Festival Street prayer in St John’s district those who church sat and provided hospitality to other riders and striders.