When you hear the word ‘Hybrid’ these days you might well think of a new car – one which runs on combination of petrol and electricity. Even more recently though the word ‘hybrid’ has started to be used to describe church.

The Spring Lockdown meant that we had to learn quickly how to take church online. Doing this has been a challenge but has also opened up whole new way of doing things – and even more importantly has made church accessible to a wide range of people. It’s been a revelation and our online presence is now here to stay. One way or another we will continue to make Sunday services available for those who can’t get to the building, as well as grow in our use of social media and our newly launched and revamped website.

But we are now also able to carefully re-introduce ‘in person’ worship. For some people being Online is not an option, for others it’s far from preferable – and so it is great to now have the opportunity to start meeting together again. A full scale relaunch of multiple Sunday services is not possible and certainly not advised at the moment. Yet I am delighted that we have been able to start a new weekly 9am Service. This is a development of the former 9am service but with the addition of some traditional/familiar worship music and use of Common Worship Anglican Liturgy. Whilst there are some changes the service retains it’s quiet and reflective character that has long been treasured at our 9am services.

We also then have our weekly Online service which starts at 10am and is shown on Youtube. In contrast to the 9am service this is informal and contemporary and with an All Age element. The time will come when this service moves back into the church building and we can restart our groups for children and young people. The service will then be live steamed ensuring that people can still join in even if they can’t be there in person.

So–there we go. We are now a hybrid of physical and virtual church! However you choose to engage – you are welcome – and both ways of worshipping are equally valid, important – and sacred. So whether it’s in the building or on the sofa – let’s keep worshipping God together – and why not invite others too?

God bless

Time to Remember

Each year we hold a ‘Time to Remember’ service at St John’s Church to which people are invited to come and spend time remembering and giving thanks for loved ones who have died. It is for people, who either are recently bereaved or for those wanting to make time to remember people who have died many years ago. All are welcome.

So you are invited to come to our Time to Remember service at 6.30pm on Sun 8th November 2020 at St John’s Church. We are doing things slightly differently this year. The church will be open from 6.30-7.30pm for you to come and light a candle, be still, remember and pray. The service will include some gentle and reflective music, Bible readings and prayers – but essentially the time is yours to use as seems right to you. You can stay for the full hour or just drop in for a shorter time.

Please be assured the all necessary safety measures will be in place. You will be asked to sign in on arrival for Track and Trace purposes as well as wear a face covering and observe social distancing.

I hope that you will feel welcome to come and spend some time in church as you remember, pray and give thanks.

Tom Coopey

St John’s Annual District Church Meeting

The delayed St John’s Annual District Church Meeting was held in October. The details of the changes to the District Church Council are shown below thanks to Diane Blackwell, our new secretary.

  • Churchwarden: Les Mould stood down Elected: Roger Welch and Jos Bailey
  • Deputy Churchwardens: Tony Blackwell, Michael Lidstone, John Horrell continue in this role. Deanery Synod Representative: Meg Fox stood down.
  • Elected: Graham Dickson Elected: Valerie Collings
  • DCC: Sue Dowle, Pat Worrell and Meg Fox stood down.
  • Continuing on DCC: Ian Clothier, Sally Horrell, Bev Williams Elected: David Boyd, Hazel Patterson, Trudy Dickson, Kevin Thomas
  • DCC Secretary: Hazel Patterson stood down Elected DCC Secretary: Diane Blackwell
  • Treasurer: Sian Dobson
Letter from Les

I would like to thank everybody for the kind words and encouragement given to me during my time as warden over these last 6 years. It has been a pleasure and a joy to work with Michael and Roger and I thank them both and also Tim and Tom.

I would never have thought I was capable of doing the job but when God calls you He equips you and I praise you Lord for your calling.

Lastly I wish Jos every blessing in her new role as Warden and pray she will be as happy as I have been.

Many blessings to you all and thank you.

Thanks to Pete and Shirley for the refurbishment of the toilets

“From the old things to the new …”

Who’s Who 2021

In case you don’t know Who’s Who? is a booklet containing names/addresses/ phone numbers and maybe emails of church members. It also includes Who Does What? so you can find out who to contact.

I will soon be updating the 2020 edition so please email me any changes or additions to your details. In particular I would like to include details of any new church members in the new booklet. Please email me or phone with your details before the beginning of December.

Please be assured that Who’s Who will only be given out to church members.

Linda Miles


Our son Peter, was married to Sarah Thomson on Saturday 10 October at St. John’s Church in Tunbridge Wells. They will be setting up home in that town. Numbers were restricted to 15 people. However it was a wonderful day and the weather was good.

It was definitely a Christian Wedding and we all felt God’s presence. We would like to thank everyone who prayed for us from St. John’s Church, Weymouth, including for safe journeys and for arriving back home Covid- free !

Michael and Hilary Lidstone

Autumn from my window

Amazing God, creator of the autumn colours
Utterly steadfast, our rock in times of trouble
The only TRUE God, omnipotent
Under the shadow of his wings we live to see
Mellow fruitfulness (‘Ode to Autumn’ by Keats)
No one is worthy; we are saved by God’s Grace

Hilary Lidstone

Apples falling to the ground,
Umbrellas kept to hand,
Trees now shed their leaves and
Underfoot conkers and acorns lie;
Morning mists on Radipole Lake
Nights get longer once again.

Tessa de la Mare

SeAsons of mists…..
and Unusual weather
yoU never know what
the next Morning will bring.
November points to wintry days

Anne Bond

I was nine when evacuated to Middle Gooseford, Devon. This reflects my memories of the view from my bedroom window there. The garden, orchard, stream with trees, beyond a field that was ploughed (but no geese).

Christmas has gone; the snow is still here.
So often it happens, year after year.
At last it’s happened, spring has sprung.
We have cleared our borders, sown new seed. Time moves on, the plants grow well.
Soon time to harvest, fruit picked.
Autumn is coming; the goose is getting fat.
Of our four seasons, Autumn or Fall,
As we know so well, is the most beautiful;
The colours, the fruit trees in all their splendour.

Frank Dallimore

A – always
U – united
T – together
U – un-troubled
M – managing
N – neighbourly

Mary Yeoman

An egret standing majestically on a tree trunk
Undisturbed and serene
Trees shaking and shedding their leaves
Upon the ground
Misty mornings and shorter days
Nerines, vivid pink like fireworks

Linda Miles

All is safely gathered in; provisions for another year begin.
Uniform are the furrows, straight and true; ready to till, transform and renew; a productive seed bed like me and you.
Time to reflect on a future promise; let’s plough up our fallow ground, let’s seek righteousness and reap His unfailing love.
Under the furrow buried unwanted weeds of the past; time to plant new seed.
Multiply our seed of love, bless us from heaven above; water and warmth to swell our grain, ‘til one day You come again.
Now and forever are your promises of seedtime and harvest; let’s pursue the eternal promise of a life spent with You.

Philip Childs

Acrobatic pigeons
Upside down; trying
To reach the bright red cotoneaster berries before they fall
Under the hydrangea, where
Magpies and squirrels seek out
Nuts, berries and bugs

Michael Miles

Usually November is a busier than usual month for us as we focus on raising awareness of bullying during Anti-Bullying week.

Due to COVID 19 we are unable to do this in the same way, as hosting events and delivering workshops has not been possible due to a lack of resources.

We thought you might like to know despite all the challenges we have faced in 2020 we have continued to support individuals and organisations affected by bullying. We have done this through posting on social media, listening to individuals, influencing groups and organisations we are involved with. It has been frustrating not being able to do more, but we have needed to accept our limitations.

Dorset Anti-Bullying service has a particular aim to support adults who have been affected by bullying at any time. This is because bullying can have a lifelong affect and impact upon adults physical and mental health and there are many organisations who support children and young people.

What is Bullying?

There is no legal definition of bullying, but it is usually defined as repeated behaviour which is intended to hurt someone either emotionally or physically and there is an imbalance of power.

Bullying is divided into four basic types of abuse – emotional (sometimes called relational), verbal, physical, and cyber.

Bullying… Why Me?

Bullies target others, because they feel threatened by the target, or simply because the target was there and available to be preyed upon.

You may have been targeted because you are a person with integrity, competent, popular, have strength of character, are different in some way eg appearance, ability, disability, illness, injury or have a vulnerability of some kind.

Sometimes bullies act for no reason, other than for the sense of power they get from realising that something they have done has provoked a reaction in their target. This is a way of feeling better about themselves and exerting power because they have low self-esteem, feel powerless, insecure, inadequate and vulnerable.

Very often targets are too fearful to bring grievances and when they do, they may be left alone and vulnerable, which can lead to isolation, anxiety and depression.

If you or somebody you know would benefit from talking to us, please pass on our details.


Tel/Text: 07754296658
E-mail: info@dabsonline.org

Update on Hope House

There have been few changes to the building during lockdown. The tenants were away for most of this time and have only just started to use the building again. The gutters have been repaired or replaced as necessary. The resident squirrel has moved on to pastures new so we have no more chewed wood to contend with!

So, pretty much life is as it was before Covid struck.

We have a number of plans for the building, but we are awaiting Planning Approval before we can get them done. Due to Covid this approval is now taking about 10 months. We just have to be patient and wait for things to get back to some sort of “normal”. I’ll let you know when we get the O.K. to proceed with the work.

Tony Blackwell

Pat and Roy Worrall enjoyed a cycle ride from their home, along the seafront to the end of the pier and home via the harbour and the swannery. Pat said, “We haven’t been for a cycle ride for a long time. We couldn’t have walked that far. It was brilliant. Thank you Cycling Without Age.

Cycling Without Age is a movement started in 2012 by Ole Kassow in Copenhagen. Ole wanted to help the elders get back on their bicycles, but he had to find a solution to their limited mobility. The answer was a trishaw and he started offering free bike rides to the local nursing home residents. David Boyd was the volunteer pilot for Pat and Roy.

Zoom into your healing

Healing rooms for Mid-Dorset

Are now operating online using Zoom and are open to pray with people on Monday evenings.

For times and access details ring 07503 461 160.

The prayer is confidential and there is no charge.

There will be a new monthly service for Young people. Please pray for Elliott and Jos who will be running this for young people from across the Parish.