Back to the Future …

One of my all—time favourite films is Back to the Future— great story, great music, memorable characters and lots of laughs. The film also begs two questions: If you could go back in time where would you go? And. What will the future look like?

Having now been here at St Johns for a few months I am excited about our future. There are signs of God at work all around us and I sense great optimism and openness as to where God is leading us. I hope that we will grow; in depth, love, commitment, local influence and in number and these are things we are praying for and seeking. But in order to move forward we must actually go back. And so this term we are going back to the early church.

Our teaching series between now and the end of July focusses on the first eight chapters of the book of Acts and in particular on the characteristics, habits and experiences of the early church. We’ll look again at their care for one another, their devotion to prayer, their commitment to God’s word and openness to His Spirit, their generosity and their faithfulness. Above all we’ll see again what God did through this fledgling group of flawed individuals. I’m with Bill Hybels when he says, “The Local Church is the hope for the world,” and I hope that as we learn together we will capture afresh something of the beauty and potency of what it means to be church. As we look back and learn from those who have gone before us, I pray we’ll see more clearly the future to which God is calling us. So let’s go back for the future.


Karen’s Special Day

Palm Sunday was the most glorious day in Weymouth – blue skies and warm sunshine. After a shortened morning service most of the congregation made their way to the beach by the pier bandstand to witness a very special occasion. Karen had expressed a wish to be baptised in the sea.

As it was low tide Karen, Tom and Matt waded out to find a suitable depth of water. Karen was carefully immersed in the sea to signify her commitment. As she made her way back the congregation greeted her with a round of applause. We continue to pray for every blessing for Karen in her walk with the Lord.

Easter Family Fun

The Easter Family Fun afternoon was a great success. We welcomed over 130 people into our building to enjoy a variety of activities including games, face painting, bouncy castle, crafts and eating cake! It’s fair to say that everyone had a fantastic time so a HUGE THANK YOU to those of you who gave up your time to come along and help, made cakes and helped pack up. We look forward to creating more opportunities to build links with our community in the future.

Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Wardens, PCC and Deanery Synod members nominated from our 5 churches were ratified at the APCM.

A final Treasurers Report was unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances. Following feedback from each church items for praise and needs were prayed for.

Electoral Roll numbers of each church is as follows; Emmanuel 70, Radipole 182, St John’s 71, St Mary’s 32.
The Team Rector, Rev Nick Clark then outlined his vision for our team with five headings. He stated that the parish should be a Celebration Community. Activities might include parish walks, parish picnics and sporting occasions, the aim of which would be to have fun.

To develop a Discipleship Community we must find pathways in which young people and adults explore the Christian faith. There should be internal training for home group leaders, worship leaders, preachers and children/youth workers. Once we have built up our children/youth work then there may be a need for a Youth Minister.

The parish should be an Evangelistic Community. There will be an opportunity to invite people when J John speaks at Carol Services on 12th and 13th December.

To engage in a Praying Community we should be fully involved in Thy Kingdom Come with Andrew Palau and Bishop Karen leading the initiative from 25th May to 4th June.