Well Being

How are you? It’s a common question. We often ask it and we’re often asked it. It’s polite. Usually the answer is brief – and often that’s appropriate – but the real answer to the question is probably complicated – even on a good day!

Well being is on our radar today more so than ever – the stigma around mental health issues seems to have been slowly diminishing for years and the shared struggle of the pandemic have bought many issues out into the light. It’s good that our culture is increasingly open to talking about well being. But none of this is to say that this is a new issue.

Consistently through scripture God shows a passionate concern for the well being of His people. This is perhaps best shown in the questions He asks. In Genesis 1 when things go wrong God looks for Adam and Eve asking, “Where are you?” In 1 Kings when the prophet Elijah is depressed and exhausted God asks, “What are you doing here?” as He blesses and nurtures him. Jesus asked Bartimaeus, “What do you want me to do for you?” And on countless occasions Jesus ministered to people in their need and brokenness. His ministry was and is to bind up the broken hearted.

During June and July our whole Parish are going to be engaging with The Well Being Journey. Through conversation, Biblical teaching and prayer this course will help us to think deeply about life and how we are really doing. We’ll be teaching about this on Sundays and engaging through Home Groups too.

I pray that as we do we will allow God to speak to us, heal us and bless us.

With love,

Lots of exciting news from the Eco-team this month!

First, St John’s has achieved a Bronze Award from EcoChurch. This award is part of A Rocha’s scheme to encourage churches across the country to get involved in caring for creation as part of our Christian ministry. The Bronze Award recognises the steps St John’s has been taking to green ourselves – from allowing wild flowers to thrive around the church to encourage wildlife, to making sure that the cleaning products we use are less harmful to the environment. Now we need to aim for Silver and eventually Gold Awards, and the Eco-team looks forward to continuing to work with the church as we step up our efforts to get everyone involved in thinking about how we can be mindful of God’s wonderful creation and how we can work both individually and together to change our lives and make a difference.

Secondly, St John’s has been accepted as a Fairtrade Place of Worship in recognition of the fact that we are committed to using Fairtrade products – for example tea, coffee and sugar – in the church, ensuring that farmers are paid a fair price for what they produce and have safe working conditions. We are researching where we can shop to make sure that other products used at St John’s are fairly traded or eco-friendly – preferably both! We’ll keep everybody posted as we find out more.

It’s good for us to think about these things for our own homes as well as at church. Traidcraft have a website full of fairly traded products https://www.traidcraftshop.co.uk.

Or, if buying online isn’t your thing, we have a Zero Waste store in Weymouth – South West Coast Refills at 29 St Thomas Street – and a Fairtrade shop as well – The Bridge Fair Trade Shop at 24 Trinity Road. Both good places to browse.

Sarah Omond


Crosslinks one of the Mission Societies we support as a church and this October it celebrates its 100th birthday! It was originally known as the Bible Churchmans Missionary Society and William Wilberforce was one of its founder members. Some of the first Crosslinks missionaries were sent to China, India, Burma, the Arctic and Iran . They now have mission partners all across the world.

Sue Dowle is our church Crosslinks representative. In the past we have sponsored Sonia Hindes in South Africa, among others, but when Sonia left Crosslinks we sadly did not have enough funds to support another Crosslinks partner. However we continue to give a nominal amount to Crosslinks.

I am delighted to report that due to God’s wonderful provision and answered prayer the mission committee are now able to select a mission partner to sponsor. Or there is another scheme which we can consider called BEST. This involves giving money towards tuition fees for men and women in further theological training who will then go on to plant, lead and be involved in their churches in different parts of the world. We would really value your prayers as we seek Gods guidance in this decision.

Crosslinks vision has always been “to bring God’s Word to God’s World “ and I hope you will agree that is something we all can support!

Jill Flux Mission Co-ordinator

Notes from the Weymouth Foodbank Newsletter April 2022

In 2021 we helped 790 families, 499 couples and 1,433 individuals. This equates to 3,855 adults and 1,524 children. The use of the Foodbank increased significantly in 2020, partly as a result of Covid. The 2021 numbers are up a further 9.4% above 2020. In 2021 we provided the equivalent of almost 50,000 meals.

One significant trend in 2021 was our ability to provide a lot more fresh food. This has been very well received by our clients. We expect that the recent significant rise in fuel, food and other prices is likely to further increase demand for our services.

Weymouth Foodbank comprises of three donating locations based in St Francis Littlemoor, Westham Methodist and Weymouth Baptist and one warehouse location for receipt and sorting of donations on the Granby Estate. We are one Foodbank run on consistent lines, with one bank account and all donated goods shared between the donating locations. We provide food parcels to people in need, with each parcel intended to provide sufficient food to last three days.

Volunteers receiving donations boxes of fruit and vegetables and a cheque donation from the Rotary (the sharp eyed will spot Christine Clay and myself in the background!)

Praise Points

  • The incredible generosity of all who donate food and finance to us.
  • Our team of volunteers who give their time to make the Foodbank work so well.
  • For the agencies in our town who provide the help our clients need with their ongoing issues.
  • For the power and witness of different churches working together as one Foodbank.

Prayer Points

  • The continuing health and safety of our team of volunteers. In particular, there are dangers in carrying heavy trays and bags in the warehouse and in the churches.
  • That our clients will see the love of Jesus in us and want to know more.
  • For those in the community who are in need of help but reluctant to contact the Foodbank – that they will find the courage to come.
  • For breakthrough for our clients who are in desperate need (debt, domestic violence, addictions etc).
  • That we will have the resources to meet the likely increased demand resulting from the current economic situation.
  • That when our clients need to talk to us we will have the time to listen and wisdom to know where to signpost them.
  • That the Lord will keep blessing this ministry.

To get in touch call 07531 167465 or email weymouthfb@outlook.com.

For more information go to www.weymouthfoodbank.co.uk or look at the Weymouth Foodbank Facebook.

Diane Blackwel

Is it just me……………?

Sometimes, something just stops you in your tracks – I had that a couple of weeks ago when looking at the passage John 20:19-23. It was the scripture used on May 15th, the theme being peace.

What stopped me as I read this passage was in v22: … he breathed on them. v22 And with that he breathed on them and said ‘Receive the Holy Spirit’.

I had not seen this connection before although John is one of my favourite books. There is so much in this passage in precis. Jesus so recently from his crucifixion:-

  • reassured his friends – Shalom
  • a Second Shalom as he commissioned them – mission
  • at the same time he breathed on them and said ‘Receive the Holy Spirit’
  • authority for their mission which was to show/teach Forgiveness

Suggestion: If you haven’t already, watch the service on catch-up, read this passage and see what speaks to you. Listen – audio Bibles online.

Remember this passage was some weeks before Pentecost when Holy Spirit was given in power (Acts 2:2). Holy Spirit was powerful with potential for destruction. (The literal Greek “and there was suddenly out of heaven a sound as being borne of a wind violent as it filled the house”) Whilst in John20:22 the literal Greek is “and this saying he breathed in and says to them: Receive ye Holy Spirit”. This word gives life, is creative and used many times in the Old Testament.

God breathed life into Adam – creative – life giving

Ezekiel 37:9 breathe into these dry bones and they shall live.

Frances Childs

Interview with St John’s Church Treasurer, David Boyd

Hello David. Thank you for letting us interview you about your new role. You took over from Siân Dobson in January, so what made you decide to take it on?

Yes, Siân has held the post for 4 years, although she is continuing to support me on a regular basis. I retired 3 years ago, but have been actively involved in giving Covid vaccinations. That has now come to an end, and I felt that God was nudging me in a new direction.
And what experience have you had in financial things?

Good question! Unlike my 3 predecessors, I have no financial qualifications. I was the treasurer of a small charity but that came to an end some years ago when we ran out of money!

Hopefully history will not repeat itself! What have you enjoyed most about the role so far?

I have enjoyed learning new skills, getting my head around the spreadsheets which were set up by Roy Worrall some 30 years ago, developed by Frank Akerman and tweaked by Siân. Along with the rest of the Parish we are now swapping to a commercial system which should give more consistency and make reports easier to produce.

And what have you found challenging?

The hardest bit was when we transferred the spreadsheets to my computer, and managed to lose lots of the formatting. This resulted in a 3 hour Zoom meeting with Siân in order to produce a report for the February DCC meeting. Hopefully the new system will prevent that happening again.

Who else is on the financial team?

Margaret Moore counts the cash on Sunday mornings with the team of deputy wardens, and banks it for us.

Linda Miles looks after the Gift Aid, so do contact her if you are a tax payer (email: milesawey@gmail.com) This increases your donation by 25% at no cost to you.

What is the best way to contact you, David?

I have a nice new email address: stjohnstreasurer@ramr.church or feel free to have a chat anytime. You may have questions about the easiest way to give, or about how your money is being spent.

And any developments on the horizon?

We have lots of visitors to St John’s, at our Sunday services, weddings, funerals etc. We would like to make it easier for them to donate to church funds (as fewer people now carry cash). One way is to use a QR code to take them to the giving page on our website using their mobile phone. Have a look at the back of the church where you can already have a go with your phone. Another idea that we are looking at is contactless payments in the same way as you use a debit or credit card in a shop. Watch this space!
Many thanks David. May all your sums add up, and all your books balance!!

Gift Aid

St John’s Church is recognised as a charity so we are eligible to claim Gift Aid on donations for those who pay tax.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is one of the simplest and most effective ways of giving to charity. It is a scheme administered by the Inland Revenue which allows us to claim 25p for every £1 that you donate if you pay tax. So, for example, if you donate £20 we can claim an extra £5, making your gift worth £25. If you pay tax (even by PAYE) but have not given us permission to claim Gift Aid please reconsider.

What do you need to do?

All you need to do is fill out a Gift Aid Declaration form and give it to David Boyd or me. Your donation may be by monthly giving using a standing order from your bank.


We cannot claim more gift aid in a year for an individual than the amount of tax they pay. So if your circumstances change, and you no longer pay tax, you MUST let us know, otherwise you may have to pay back the money that we have claimed.

Thank you

To all those who gift aid their donations and also to those who give but are not eligible to gift aid.

Linda Miles