The Renewal Project

How can our church building glorify God and bless our community?

That is the question at the heart of the Renewal Project. God has given us a beautiful, spacious, historic, inspiring and sacred building. We have a responsibility to use this gift well – to glorify God, to bless His people and to further His Kingdom.

So the vision for the Renewal Project is:-

to create a welcoming, attractive, hospitable and accessible space which will:-

  • enhance our worship
  • encourage & welcome visitors
  • allow for varied use through the week
  • increase our community engagement

To kick start this process we would like to invite you two meetings:-

Drop In and Dream: Mon 24th June. The church will be open from 5pm-8pm and you are invited to come and wander around the church, (with a drink in your hand) look closely at the building, prayerfully imagine what could be and share your ideas.

Project Launch Lunch: Sun 15th Sept (after the 10.30am service). Having looked and prayed through the ideas that have been shared, the Renewal Project Team will share the next step of the project and propose a way forward.

Please come to these meetings and please pray for vision, discernment and resources as we move into this exciting chapter together.

Yours in Christ

Keep Rollin’

Sisyphus, I remember hearing, was a tragic figure in Greek mythology. Condemned by Zeus for his sins, he was tasked to roll a heavy boulder up a hill only for it to roll down again when he neared the top, whereupon he had to start over. For eternity.

Christian life must appear to some to be Sisyphean in nature. “Seventy-seven times” Jesus tells us to forgive our brothers and sisters who sin against us (Matt 18:21-22). Over and over, time and time again, we must forgive those who have wronged us.

And like moving a heavy boulder, the life we are called to is not easy. Scripture says we should be perfect as our heavenly father is perfect (Mat. 5:48); we should strive for peace and holiness (Heb. 12:14); and since Jesus Christ was persecuted, we should expect persecution for ourselves as his followers (John 15:20). Actually, compared with such things, moving boulders starts to look like skimming stones.

Yet despite the difficulties, we have a hope that Sisyphus does not. Because even if we do slide back down the hill from time to time, by God’s grace through Jesus Christ we can succeed in the herculean tasks he sets before us. With faith we can move not just boulders, but mountains (Matt 17:20). And one day, when we reach the top, we will cast off the struggles of this life and walk freely through the open gates of His heavenly kingdom.

Carleton Raisbeck