The Upward Call

Our Parish family are currently in shock and grief at the sudden and unexpected death of Rev Pete Legg. Pete has been part of the Parish for many, many years and has ministered here in many ways across our churches. Just a few weeks ago Pete was here at St John’s leading our 9am Communion service – which he did with characteristic warmth and good humour. He will be missed as a supportive colleague, wise leader and dear friend by a great many people in Weymouth. We will have opportunities in the coming weeks to pay our respects to Pete and to pray for his family – details of Pete’s funeral will be shared soon.

The sudden nature of Pete’s death leaves us in a degree of shock. It’s also only a few weeks on since Lisa Gardner’s funeral. Her life too came to an end sooner than any of us would have wanted – and she too is greatly missed. These deeply sad experiences highlight for us the fragility and unpredictability of life. This in turn ought to sharpen our focus on making the most of our time here.

In his letter to the Philippian church Paul reminds them of, ‘the upward call of God in Christ.’ (Phil 3:14). He refers to heaven but also to the kind of life on earth that God calls us to. The ‘fullness of life’ which Jesus promises in John 10:10 similarly refers to eternal life with God in glory but also to the quality and depth of life we can know here and now.

Pete and Lisa both found in Christ a quality of life which meant their lives were marked by grace, love and hope. Both lived generously to the very end and the impact of their lives on those around them will be deeper and more transforming than either probably realised.

So, given that we do not know what’s around the corner; let’s not waste time on anything that takes us away from God or distracts us from knowing him and following him. Let’s choose the adventure of following Jesus. Let’s make ourselves open and available to Him every day. Let’s serve Him with courage and a sense of urgency. Let’s seek His King- dom above all other things – and lets love and live generously. Let’s not settle for anything less than daily responding to the upward call of God in Christ. As we do, we’ll know the fullness of life that Jesus promised – and one day – like Pete and Lisa we’ll see him face to face and hear him say, “Well done my good and faithful servant… come and share my joy.” Matt 25:23.

With love

Reflections of new arrivals in Weymouth by Mike & Hilary Lidstone

We have been living in Weymouth for about 7 months, and we loved the sun, sand and sea especially last summer! We are beginning to feel part of a new church family, have joined a Home Group and are looking forward to learning more about Holy Habits. For the second session of the course, Shirley spoke about the importance of hospitality and welcoming the stranger in the church, as part our Christian unity. We have found St. John’s Church a welcoming church, but as Shirley mentioned, it is good at coffee time to speak to someone we don’t know, especially if they are on their own.

Remembering people’s names can be a challenge, especially if you’re past 70, as in our case, so do excuse us if we fail to put names to aces! After 38 years in our previous church in Woking, we feel that God has led us to new spiritual pastures at St. John’s, and we look forward to serving God in whichever way He directs us.

More new arrivals

Malcolm and I recently relocated from Jersey and have enjoyed a warm welcome at St John’s and wanted to introduce ourselves to those we haven’t met personally. We have been married for 17 years and throughout that time have been privileged to be involved in various types of Churches. We each run our own business, Malcolm selling garden machinery spare parts online alongside his full-time job as a workshop manager and Alison a counsellor/ psychotherapist and trainer. We travel extensively throughout the year, a mixture of supporting our family in Hampshire, business and leisure so you may not see us every week.

We are passionate about serving in our local and global community and together oversee Dorset Anti – Bullying Service (DABS) which is a not for profit project. Our vision is to provide confidential support and training for anybody affected directly or indirectly by bullying at any time.

In today’s world bullying and/or harassment of all types are on the increase, becoming more acceptable and present in everyday life. Research shows that 1 in 2 adults will be affected by bullying at some point in their life time, either directly or indirectly, with the most vulnerable in our society being at greatest risk. Face o face, text, email and social media are used to bully within our communities, workplaces and relationships.

Whether you have been subject to bullying and/or harassment; and/or been witness to its effects on those around you DABS can guide you on what bullying and/or harassment is and isn’t; give you tools to identify; respond and recover; signposting to other appropriate organisations.

DABS believe, given the right support and resources, bullies and their targets can and do make remarkable changes.

Telephone: 07754 296 658
You can also find leaflets at St John’s Church

Alison Fox

Thank you to Alison, Hilary and Mike for taking notice of our request last month and sending in Jottings articles. How good it would be if other newcomers could introduce themselves in this way. Also how about others who aren’t new, writing an article about themselves. We look forward to receiving your contribution.

To all my lovely family at St John’s …

I am just writing to you all to let you know that I am now going to St Aldhelm’s Church as it is just around the corner from where I live. I feel very much at home there, in the same way I have done over the 40+ years at St John’s. I am so grateful to God for all the blessings I have received over the many years of fellowship; for the excellent teaching and counsel gained from all the different ministers; and the many friendships that have been and continue to be such a joy and privilege.

The change in church has been so much easier that I thought as, being part of our team, there are so many dear people that I know and love so have had a lovely welcome and feel very much at home there.

With my love and grateful thanks to all,


Thank you to Jen and Roy for delivering food bank items for many years. We are grateful to Tony and Diane Blackwell who have offered to take on this responsibility.

Update on the ‘Old Vic’

It’s been nearly two months since we took ownership of the ‘Old Vic’.

We are having lots of ideas about how we can make the building suitable for God’s work in the community but I would really appreciate any thoughts you have. These prayer pointers were mentioned at a recent Sunday service.

Give thanks to God for His provision of this building for the Weymouth community.
Pray for continued giving for the materials to carry out renovations and alterations to the building to make it fit for purpose.
Pray for volunteers to carry out this work.
Pray for suitable tenants for the first floor offices.
Pray for on-going volunteers to maintain the building from weeding up to roof maintenance.
Pray for a team or teams of helpers to carry out God’s work in outreach to the community.

If you receive anything specific from the Lord please let me know. My contact details are: mobile 07855 825 611, email