Open Doors

This August we hope to have the church open each week day between 2 -4pm. This provides us with a great opportunity to be welcoming to our community and we expect that over the summer we will see a great many people through the door for a great many reasons. Some will be looking for a space to pray, others just a place to be still and quiet. Some will be popping in for old times’ sake and others will be curious to see what the church is like. Some will want a conversation, others will not. Some will be friends, others strangers. Some will travel a few yards and others many miles. Some will have practical needs while others may not even really know why they are there.

All are welcomed by God – and so we will welcome them all too. We hope and pray that as people come through our doors they will meet God in some way – and we may even have the privilege of sharing our faith and praying with people. We ought also to be open to meeting God through those who come though the door. Who knows who God will use to speak to us? When the doors are open – there is more that God can do through us and for us.

The same is true for our hearts and minds. The more open we are to God – the more room we allow for him to minister to us and through us. During August on Sunday mornings we’ll be considering a handful of Psalms – all of which teach us more about God and encourage us to be open to Him.

So this summer as we enjoy a slightly different rhythm of life and (hopefully) more sunshine – may the doors of our church and our hearts be open to God and open to the people we meet. So do pray for our open church season – and why not join the fun and sign up for a slot?


Wow, what a year!

Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart for the love, support and prayers over the last year. My family and I have been so blessed by the support and openness in my role as placement student here at St John’s. There has been a lot of transitioning, of learning and growing with a few tears along the way. Although my time at Moorlands has stretched me academically, it is my time serving at St John’s that has been the real blessing to me and my family.

So what’s next? I shall continue to serve here at St John’s for the foreseeable future. At the same time I will be working with Salisbury Diocese to discern the future of my ministry and what that will look like for me and my family. I hope you will continue to pray for us as we discern God’s will for our lives. It can be a difficult journey and I believe your prayers will be of real benefit.

However, I look forward to continuing to serve this community of which we have become so fond.

Many Blessings

Elaine, Ivor, Maisie and Dillon

Focus… on Trailblazers

Trailblazers is for children aged from 4 – 9. A register is taken each week and numbers fluctuate between 2 and 10. Each session lasts about 40 minutes during which time the children take part in various activities. These might be; learning praise songs with energetic actions, listening to Bible stories being read to them in a fun way, reading themselves, watching a video or taking part in a quiz or game related to the main service, colouring, cutting and sticking, memorising Bible verses, model making, talking with God, role play, discussion and thinking about what it means to be a Christian in everyday life. Each week the session will comprise of some of these activities, which will have been carefully selected and planned by the leader beforehand and designed to dovetail with the topic of the adult service. Every effort is made to ensure that each child is made to feel welcome and that their individual needs are met.

We have three main leaders – Hazel Patterson, Susie Coopey and me so we each take one session per month. We are supported by helpers – Anne Boyd, Sue Dowle, Sam Barrington and Av Stanton.

In line with the current safeguarding practice, there is always a minimum of two adults present who each have a current DBS check.

Parents may take their children to the group but are then advised to leave them to settle in.

Val Collings

During August the leaders and helpers will be taking a well-earned break. It is hoped Trailblazers will still take place if there are offers to help. Please sign the list at the back of church if you would be willing to take one session.

Summer funday

Many thanks to everyone who helped in so many ways to make our Funday last month such a great success. We were blessed with good weather – the sun shone throughout – which I’m sure encouraged such a large number of folk to join us for an afternoon of fun, food, good conversations, laughter and live music.

Many families enjoyed sitting on the grassy area at the side of church as their children enjoyed the activities provided, including face-painting, bouncy castle and penalty shoot outs.

Meanwhile the front of church provided stalls to browse, seating for cream teas and great live music provided by The Omega Project.

Somehow the co-ordination of the day fell to me and I am just so grateful for all the help that was so readily available from the church fellowship. (No arm twisting needed!)

We served over 100 cream teas and I am so thankful for the catering team and waitresses castle penalty outs.

who were kept very busy running up and down the church steps – no easy feat!

Although most things were free, money raised from donations, sale of bric-a-brac, books, photographic items and home-made cakes will be given to The Lantern.

The overriding memory of the day that has stayed with me is one of ‘servitude’. So many folk gladly and willingly serving, both one another and our visitors, in an atmosphere of love and friendship – no job too small or great to be taken on. It is a joy and a privilege to be part of such a lovely church family. You are all great! God bless you all.

Tessa de la Mare