Schools Work

Tom (vicar of St John’s church) and Susie (St John’s Children’s and families worker) lead weekly collective worship in St John’s school.

Once a year Susie and a fantastic team of volunteers from St John’s church put up a marquee in the playing field and every child from school has the opportunity to come into our prayer tent. This is set out with a great variety of fun, thought provoking and interactive prayer stations. Here are a few from last year’s tent.

We love to welcome school into church and this happens on a regular basis throughout the year, usually based around festivals such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter. At Easter we offer an interactive, age-appropriate Easter Experience for the children, which include activities such as washing ‘Bing’ and ‘Barbie’s feet, making things out of playdough and sharing bread and squash together!

We run the TLG early intervention programme in school too. This has been highly praised by staff as being a valuable asset to the support given to children within the school.