Mission Support

Historically, at St John’s Church, we have always supported Mission and some of our church family have gone to serve overseas and at home. In total, we support twelve Mission Societies, ten of them financially. However, MAF and Tearfund are dealt with differently; this usually involves individual donations such as Tearfund Harvest.

Our new partners are a young family and the money donated is used to support them as they study and work for the Sunrise Foundation in SE Asia.

Mission Partners

Pioneers U.K.

Sudan United Mission was established in 1904 by a young German doctor Karl Kumm. He made a series of survey trips through North Central Africa. He trusted God for the establishment of an unending chain of churches across Africa stemming the southward advance of Islam. In spite of intense hardship and persecution the gospel has spread in remarkable ways. Today over 15 million meet to worship God in churches started by the early work of SUM. Under the new name of Pioneers we sponsor a mission partner but due to the sensitive area in which they work we are unable to publish the name. There are opportunities now to work for Pioneers in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and South America. pioneers-uk.org

Church Mission Society

CMS was formed in 1799. The founders included Henry Thornton MP and William Wilberforce MP and they were all committed to the abolition of the slave trade, social reform at home and world evangelism.  CMS now work in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.  The mission partners we support are Pat Blanchard and David and Shelley Stokes. Pat Blanchard has been in Lima, Peru since 2000 and is pastor of the Shalom church and director and administrator of the Shalom rehabilitation project working with adults, children and families with disabilities.

David and Shelley Stokes have lived in Juarez in the remote north of Argentina since 2010 and are due to retire at Christmas 2020. This may now be delayed due to the pandemic. David has been co-ordinating the training of church leaders as well as helping to revise the service book and courses for Wichi speaking church members.

Shelley as well as supporting David, is working with the Wichi women encouraging them to put their faith in action. Shelley is also helping with AMARE the Argentine branch of Mother’s Union. churchmissionsociety.org

Operation Mobilisation

Operation Mobilisation traces its roots to the late 1950s and the  prayers of an American housewife and the vision of a college student, George Verwer. They both longed to see the gospel message reach as many people as possible not just locally but globally. Today over 3300 workers representing over 100 nationalities share Gods word in 110 countries through various ministries including on the OM ship Logos Hope. uk.om.org


Crosslinks was established in 1922 and was then known as BCMS Bible Churchman’s Mission Society.   Some of the first missionaries were sent to China, India, Burma, the Artic and Iran. Today Crosslinks continues to retain the vision of bringing “God’s Word to God’s World”.   They are working in 5 continents and over 30 countries with long term mission partners, training pastor leaders, short term placements, summer camps and Gap year teams. crosslinks.org

London City Mission

London City Mission was formed in 1835 when a group of church leaders and believers were determined to do something that would enable the gospel to be shared in the poorest and least reached areas of London. That same vision exists today as LCM estimates that 1 in 3 Londoners are unlikely to hear the gospel in their lifetime. They work in all areas of London with churches , schools, people in their workplace, the homeless , Islam and other religions, Estates and Seniors to name but a few! lcm.org.uk

The Bible Society

In March 1804 at a meeting of 300 Wilberforce and the campaigning groups he was part of, formed the British and Foreign Bible Society.  Since that day the Bible Society has been a charity committed to offering the Bible to the world. There are now 150 Bible Societies operating around the world. In some areas the BS focuses on translation and distribution projects. Elsewhere, on leadership training, literacy programmes or interfaith dialogue. In England and Wales it focuses on advocacy effort, schools outreach and devotional resources. biblesociety.org.uk

Church’s Ministry among Jewish People (CMJ)

The Church’s Ministry among Jewish people (CMJ) was started in 1809, around the time that many other missionary societies were formed. Many leading figures such William Wilberforce, Lord Shaftsbury and Charles Simeon, realised that the Bible should be interpreted as literal, and that God still loved His people Israel, and would bring them back to their land. Outreach began to the Jewish people of the east end of London, and has since spread, over the years, to Jewish people everywhere, in order to share with them the good news that Jesus, or Yeshua in Hebrew, is their long awaited Messiah.

CMJ seeks to educate the Church about its Jewish roots, and also to encourage Messianic Congregations of Jewish believers in Yeshua, of whom there are now many, that they are an accepted and important part of the body of Christ. cmj.org.uk


CPAS is an Anglican evangelical mission agency, working in the UK and Republic of Ireland.  The focus of their work is to help every person hear and discover the good news of Jesus Christ through the ministry of local churches.  Headings in their current prayer diary show the different areas of their work, Young people’s holidays, PCC training, Patronage Churches, Leadership Training and more. cpas.org.uk


Campaigners is an inter denominational organisation which was founded in 1922. Since 1928 St Johns has had strong links with the group which aims to help children and young people discover and develop a personal living faith in Jesus in the safe but fun environment of weekly meetings and summer camps. jointhecampaigners.org.uk


The Evangelical Alliance Relief Fund committee first met in 1968. Their vision was to build an organisation linking Christian compassion with practical action throughout the world. Tearfund grew and became a registered charity in 1973. This is their vision – ‘As a Christian charity, Tearfund believes that everyone has an amazing God-given potential to create change. We show people around the world how to unlock these gifts and put them to use escaping poverty. Many of our partners in this work are local churches, who discover how to offer their communities material and spiritual hope.’
Tearfund have over 50 years’ experience of responding to disasters and crises across the globe and work with supporters and partners to influence powerful decision-makers around the world to help the most vulnerable. For inspiring stories of hope, love and renewal. tearfund.org

Mission Aviation Fellowship

Mission Aviation Fellowship was the vision of two RAF World War ll pilots in 1945, Stuart King and Jack Hemmings , supported by a small group of servicemen. They went on a survey flight across eastern and central Africa in 1948 and became more passionate than ever to “reach the unreached”. For 75 years MAF has been flying over jungles, mountains, swamps and desserts . Every 4 minutes an MAF plane is taking off or landing somewhere in the world!  They enable more than 2000 aid development and mission organisations to bring medical care, emergency relief and long term development to thousands of communities. maf-uk.org