Money Matters – Supporting the Ministry of the Church

It costs around £100,000 a year to cover the regular costs of running the Church, including heat and light, insurance, contribution to the Diocese relating to support of clergy, part-time church administrator, family and children’s ministry and so on.

In addition are the costs of a full-time Parish Youth Worker based at Hope House and related outreach activities.

We also invest in additional activities at venues such as Park Centre, evangelistic events and other missional initiatives, which include Live Streaming and maintaining our website which together are serving online congregation of more than 250 people each month.

We also usually need to find £10,000 or more towards the annual costs of routine repairs of the Church buildings.

We take great care to ensure that every penny is well-spent, and present detailed accounts each year to the church.  And we are able to generate some income from car park permits for local residents, who use the space when not needed on Sundays or at other times.

If you would like to help us expand the ministry of St Johns, the best way to do this is by regular bank Giro.

Please contact David Boyd, Treasurer, for more information: