Welcoming – Worshipping – Loving – Growing

Baptism by the sea, Weymouth
Our Vision

To be a thriving, open, loving and Christ-centered family where people; are welcomed, belong, encounter God, grow in faith, passionately follow Jesus and generously share God’s love.

Our Mission

To demonstrate God’s love generously and share the Gospel clearly in ways which transform the lives of people, families, the community and our town.

Our Values

Welcoming – Worshipping – Loving – Growing

These are the values we want to excel in, to be known for and for people to experience at St Johns.

Welcoming. All are welcome. All ages and stages of life. Whether you’re full of faith, have little faith or have no faith. Whether you’re asking questions, looking for friendship, curious about the church, on holiday or just in need of a coffee and a chat. Maybe you’re celebrating. Maybe you’re grieving. You are welcome. We can come to God as we are – and you can come to St Johns – just as you are – and you are so welcome.

Worshipping. At heart of the Christian faith is a dynamic and loving relationship with a living God. God loves us deeply and has shown this love through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus – and through the transforming gift of the Holy Spirit. And so we love to spend time with God – and we do this at St John’s in a whole variety of ways.

Loving. The incredible love of God is for everyone and so we want to share God’s love generously and share the good news of Jesus clearly. St John’s is a loving community where people find friendship, acceptance, love and support. We also want to show God’s love to the wider community – and as you’ll see we are involved in a whole range of practical projects which serve the community.

Growing. We want to grow in our faith, grow in our understanding of the Bible as we discover more about God, grow in our commitment to God and to each other and we want to grow in number and see more people come to find life changing faith in Jesus.